Shamanic healing 1:1

This session can be booked both remotely and on site at the Conscious Life center.

We start with an initial conversation and after that you can lie down on a warm bed in our cozy "Healing Room".

Annika begins by doing an intuitive reading in each chakra. Here, with her techniques, she finds what is out of balance and cleanses the chakras needed from heavy energy. She also searches in your subconscious for the underlying energy (eg behavioral patterns and wounds) and if there is something here that prevents you from healing, feeling good in the present or living your full potential.

Your chakras are replenished with new vital force, balanced and you get a spirit animal and its message. After the session, you talk about what came up in the session, what Annika worked on and put a new direction together. For many, this session will be a clear guide and a step out of old patterns. A support for your soul to remind you of what you already know somewhere but maybe things stand in the way or a little push is needed.

Duration: 90 min
Price: 1888 SEK

Shamanic coaching

Sometimes you need deeper support in life for a longer period. Maybe you have attended a session with Annika and feel that you want continued support and new tools into life. Maybe you are tired of going in the same circles in life and need support to get out of old limiting patterns. Annika works with you during this period to support you in the best way to live a life that your soul longs for, and give you the tools you need.

Shamanic Coaching Program 5 times start/basic package

After mapping out what it is we want to work on in order to get out of old patterns and programs, we set a guideline to work against. Here we will use intuitive reading, ceremonies, coaching conversations, tasks between times, processes together and more to take us in our direction. We work via Zoom - 60 min per call. Between occasions, different tasks are given to work on and implement into life. You get tools to take with you into everyday life to continue with after our coaching.

Price: 5555 kr (5 sessions)
(If you want this physically in place 1:1, the price is SEK 7,000)

Supplement after basic package

Continuation Shamanic Coaching Program 5 times (only if you have done the basic package first) SEK 4,444.

Continuation Shamanic Coaching Program 3 times (only if you have done the basic package first) SEK 2,800

Crystal children sessions

We book a day and time when Annika calls you. Together you have a short introductory conversation and set an intention for the session and the child. Then we hang up and Annika continues to work in the energy where she does an intuitive reading in each chakra where the child's "Higher Self" communicates and talks about her needs and her essence. This will be in writing and you will receive it as a picture after the session. If purification, balancing and priming are needed, Annika gives it, and sees if patterns begin to form in the subconscious. In conclusion, the child receives a Spirit Animal with a message. (During this session the child does not have to be present in any way but can have his day as usual)

Duration: 90 min
Price: 1111 SEK

Only remotely!

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