About Annika

Annika Panotzki is a modern “Medicine Woman” with a vision of guiding you back into your own power, heart and wisdom. Her deep knowledge in energy medicine, plants, herbs, superfoods and healing assists this mission.

She gathers women and men back into circles, ceremonies and rituals. Everything in life can be a ceremony and ritual! It is a way of getting in touch with yourself and your surroundings and to see life from another level. Your daily routines can turn into loving small rituals of appreciations.

Annika holds a yearly training “Medicine Woman Shamanic Healing Training” that is a medicine wheel as a deep transformational inner journey. She translates ancient wisdom, rituals and healing skills into a modern language so it can be more adaptable into the urban living. A journey back into your power, heart and wisdom.

“When you reconnect to Mother Earth and your physical body you can reach a much higher consciousness and self healing. I am here to remind you that you´re already complete and whole. To stop searching for things and wisdom outside of yourself. All the answers you seek are already within you. I am here to guide you into your remembrance of your own sacredness.”

Annikas private sessions for both adults and the new children are widely known and appreciated. She uses her strong intuition skills in giving readings, travels your unconscious and deprogrammes old wounds, patterns and habits that stand in your way. For the children she gives parents support of messages from the childrens higher selves, their needs and how they best can be supported. 

Her passion for the plant kingdom and healing gave her inspiration to write a book called “Regnbågsmat” in Swedish. It will shortly be published in England and called “The Chakra Cookbook” It is all about self healing through your chakras, intuition and Mother Earth.

She is also the owner of a holistic center in Stockholm since many years called “Conscious Life” and co owner of a new upcoming Superfood brand “One Love Generation” with healing super blends from Mother Earth.

Annika has 4 star children that are 22, 20, 10 and 7 years old. 

“They are my greatest teachers among with the earth, sky, moon and stars. My master teachers of unconditional love and keeping my heart open no matter what.”