Annikas passion for the plant kingdom and healing gave her inspiration to write a book called “Regnbågsmat” in Swedish. It will shortly be published in England and called “The Chakra Cookbook” It is all about self healing through your chakras, intuition and Mother Earth.

She has a vision of inspiring you into a deeper connection to Mother Earth and open up to natures healing. Each chakra has a frequency that matches different foods and their energy. Annika feels it is important to reconnect to our physical bodies and honor yourself to eat beautiful, colorful, nourishing and healing foods. Not from a place of prestige or diets, but from a place of deep gratitude and self love. 

To connect to your inner wisdom that guides you towards what your body feels good from rather that listening to trends and “others” opinions. That is your super power and primes your body and energy into optimal health. Healing foods should be fun, creative and deliscious! Play with your foods!

Regnbågsmat contains everything you need to know about eating the rainbow for joy, energy and health.

- Over 80 delicious, vegan and refined-sugar-free recipes for every occasion and time of day, including ramen, rainbow burgers, mini tacos, bliss bowls and psychedelic chia.

- A holistic approach to living vibrantly and well, including breathing, intention-setting, gratefulness and mindfulness exercises.

- A 5-day reset programme to kick-start incorporating the chakra system into your life.

- Ceremonies and rituals for your everyday life.

- Shamanic wisdom about your chakra system.

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