About Annika

Annika Panotzki is a modern “Medicine Woman” with a mission of guiding you back into your own power, heart and wisdom. Her deep knowledge in energy medicine, plants, herbs, superfoods and healing assists this mission.

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  • I am not here to heal you, tell you what to do or give you all the answers. I am here to hold a strong healing space for you to remember that you have the power to heal yourself. To guide you back into your power and skills that are already there. Your intuition is your super power and is given to you so that you can find your answers, purpose, joy and wisdom. So stop giving your power away. Their is no greater master than yourself for your own body, mind and spirit. Let me guide you to remember who you truly are.

  • It takes courage to live with an heart fully open. Because here you no longer can blame, shame or judge yourself and others. In your heart you will transcend your fears, worries and anxieties into pure higher consciousness. You will open a door to beauty, abundance and love that you never thought is possible. A doorway into your higher self and letting the heart guide you through life.

  • When you start to trust your own wisdom and guidance a new level of yourself opens up. You will tap into the synchronicity of nature and let life provide you abundance of creativity, downloads of universal wisdom and trust that what comes to you is right for you as long as you follow that inner knowing.

"Everything in life can be a ceremony or ritual"


Annikas passion for the plant kingdom and healing gave her inspiration to write a book called “Regnbågsmat” in Swedish. It will shortly be published in England and called “The Chakra Cookbook” It is all about self healing through your chakras, intuition and Mother Earth.

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