Everything around us is energy, including all plants and foods. Nature has a naturally high frequency. That is why many of us feel good when being i nature. It is both grounding and uplifting at the same time. Annikas has more than a decade of experience in working with plants, herbs and superfoods. For her all natures plants are superfood in a way. Each superfood has its own energy and can assist your body and energy in different ways. This is Annikas deep knowledge and superpower to combine natures intelligence for healing. 

Mother Earths wisdom has all the healing, energy and codes that we need to upgrade our mind, body & spirit. She is so willing i how she gives us abundance of nurturing and energy with all her plants, herbs, berries, fruits, seeds and nuts. 
When we eat out of her gifts we also come into a natural cycle of living sustainable for this planet and all living.

Annikas passion for the plant kingdom and healing gave her inspiration to write a book called “Regnbågsmat” in Swedish. It will shortly be published in England and called “The Chakra Cookbook”. It is all about self healing through your chakras, intuition and Mother Earth.

She also recently co created a new Superfood brand called "One Love Generation" where the different blends of superfoods gives different results. They are packed in portion sachets to add health in a simple way to your daily life. Each blend has different recipes and rituals to enhance your health and spirit.

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